Aaron Nathans’ mission is to write songs about things no one else has written about before. Like a song about male bonding between a guy and his barber. Or the onslaught of the outside world upon a new parent. Surely somebody’s written that song, right? Ok, find it. Aaron describes his songs as wild-mind, bittersweet acoustic music. He’s one of a million guitar-slinging singer songwriters, but you’ve never heard anyone quite like Aaron, with his warped sense of humor and off-kilter view of the world. His shows include humorous, meandering stories that will keep you every bit as captivated as the music itself — beautiful guitar work, catchy melodies, and his sweet baritone voice. Along with Avi Wisnia, Aaron is the co-founder of the Philly Songwriters Circle, a song critique group which focuses on helping local songwriters develop their craft. Aaron plays solo, and is also one-half of the guitar-cello duo Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt. His duo shows with Michael are high-energy events, full of musical combustion as Aaron plays off Michael’s brilliant cello work and mind-bending, wildly creative songs. This fall, Nathans & Ronstadt will release their much-anticipated second album, “Hang on for the Ride.”