Curious: Think Outside the Pipeline! is the musical story of two young siblings who organize their neighbors to fight for clean air. With the help of a songful community and a dancing pencil, Clio and Taylor learn to stand up for their beliefs, striving to make big change even in the face of some bigger, more powerful people.
This 40-minute musical is set to the Ants on a Log award-winning soundtrack, originally released in 2019. Watch this fun, inspiring musical come to life with the Ants’ signature balance of quirky-DIY and professional-artsy style. With sock puppets, drawings, and stop motion video, Curious offers children a view into the importance of standing up for community. The plot was inspired by the community-based action that led to the shut down of Philadelphia’s PES oil refinery, and the show amplifies the current climate change movement which is increasingly intersectional and youth-led.
“[Curious] encourages listeners to learn more about problem solving, and the power of uniting one’s community to fight for social justice. Curious is highly recommended, especially for school and public library children’s music collections.” -Midwest Book Review
The Ants pull off the impossible: kids’ music that is smart, challenging and fun, political but not preachy, catchy and appealing to adults. In the era of ‘Baby Shark,’ that is needed and refreshing.” -Rodney Whittenberg (Emmy-award winning producer and creative consultant at Melodyvision)
Rabble rousing through silliness.” -Kathy O’Connell, Host of WXPN’s Kids Corner
Curious is a musical about organizing for social change, Philadelphia, mansplaining, feelings, gas pipelines, environmental sustainability, and so much more, all through a queer and feminist lens. A must have for you or the child/childlike person in your life.” -Emma Eisenberg, writer and co-founder of Blue Stoop, Philadelphia’s Literary Hub