Electric Man is a one man electric band – electric guitar and vocals with amazing home-modified effects, including looper, talk box, echo, fuzz, booster – played live with recorded backtrack.
Electric Man is fully portable and was created more than 20 years ago for entertaining campers late at night at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. His evolution has been slow, but steady. Electric Man’s music is inspired by Jimi Hendrix and his magic is inspired by Harry Houdini.
Electric Man’s eclectic repertoire includes originals, rock, alternative, psychedelic, country, disco, blues, folk and pop music. Yes, he’s all over the place, but he only plays music that inspires him.
Electric Man has been the opening act for the Xtreme Folk Scene annual festival every year since it began 13 years ago. He has performed at the World Cafe Live for a Jimi Hendrix birthday concert and for the Philadelphia Song Shuffle. Electric Man was a guest and performer on Gene Shay’s “The Folk Show”, originating at WXPN, and broadcast nationally.