Created in a world first collaboration between founding partners Sounds Australia, Showcase Scotland Expo, and East Coast Music Association (ECMA), along with export organizations and showcase events from around the world, Global Music Match is a returning initiative created to continue raising the profile of local artists in international music markets within the challenging parameters of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The program is a unique response to the limitations imposed on the music industry, that makes use of the only available platform – social media and peer-to-peer collaboration – to increase networks and exposure for export-ready artists internationally.

Global Music Match artists are joining the Philadelphia Folk Festival from FOURTEEN countries and include:

‘Ndiaz (Brittany)

Andrea Kirwin (Australia)

Andrew Waite (Canada)

Blue Rose Code (Scotland)

Clare Sands (Ireland)

Eliza Marshall (England)

Émilie Landry (Canada)

Eve Goodman (Wales)

Findlay Napier (Scotland)

Francesca de Valence (Australia)

Gnoss (Scotland)

Golosa La Orquestra (Chile)

Gretta Ziller (Australia)

HuDost (USA)

Jessica Pearson and the East Wind (Canada)

Joel Havea (Australia)

La Riippa Group (Finland)

Lilli Lewis (USA)

Lucy Farrell (England)

Lynne Hanson (Canada)

Max ZT (USA)

Megan O’Neill (Ireland)

Melanie Horsnell (Australia)

Mombao (Italy)

Monique Clare (Australia)

Musketeer (Australia)

N’Famady Kouyate (Wales)

Northern Resonance (Sweden)

Ösp Eldjárn (Iceland)

Paz Court (Chile)

Pretty Archie (Canada)

Quote the Raven (Canada)

Rich Davies & The Low Road (Australia)

Ruth Hazleton (Australia)

Sonia Aimy (Canada)

Stampestuen (Norway)

Terra Spencer (Canada)

The Jellyman’s Daughter (Scotland)

Thea Hopkins (USA)

Tom West (Australia)

Tori Sparks (Catalonia)

Windborne (USA)