Jackson Pines are guitarist/vocalist Joe Makoviecki and upright bassist James Black, life-long friends from the Pine Barrens who make gorgeous Americana/folk music that both reflect and honor that expanse of forest, swamp, sand, and the people that call it home. Though life has taken them all over the country they returned to a familiar location to record Close to Home. “Recording in James’s house in Jackson brought us back to how we first started making music. All of us. We all started in jamming in someone’s parents’ garage or upstairs bedroom packed with drums and amps. And it felt like that again, after a whole year of not playing together at all,” Makoviecki explains. “Doing a record like this, instead of at a fancier location-based studio, meant going back to how and why we started playing in the first place: to have fun with friends. And it just so happened all of us shared that experience growing up in Jackson in a vibrant local music scene. It proves music can remain fun and still yield recordings we’re happy showing people.”

That fun and exuberance the duo felt while recording is front and center on Close to Home. It’s a warm and beautiful record led by two outstanding singles released earlier this year.