Ken Shiles and CiBon (Atlantic City) were independently hustling the vibrant, tourist-driven music scene along the Jersey Shore when a serendipitous twist of fate brought the two together. Searching for a singing partner for a last minute duo gig Ken was introduced to CiBon via Facebook. They connected and booked their first gig with no face-to-face contact or rehearsal! But when they sang together for the first time they recognized a musical connection unlike anything either had ever experienced. They knew immediately this was the beginning of something extraordinary.

Not long after, they met the dynamic, genre-hopping Philadelphia based violinist, Valerie Vuolo in a similar fashion. Inviting her to join them last minute for a high profile performance none of them could have anticipated the chilling synergy that occurred when their voices blended with strings for the first time but they knew it would not be the last!

Entwining soulful strings with sweetly blended male/female vocals Originaire captivates audiences with heartfelt original songs performed with engaging chemistry and seamless musical precision. From rousing, foot stomping refrains to raw heart tugging ballads interspersed with candid banter and anecdotes reflective of their unique chemistry and experiences, Originaire keeps an audience captivated from the first note to the last and leaves them wanting more!