Rare Spirits serve up high-proof Roots music with verve, humor and aplomb. Sweet harmonies, rollicking rhythms and an electrifying stage presence combine to sing songs of drinking, cheating, lying, stealing, shucking, jiving, killing, dying…and the occasional haunting. The band features Molly Hebert-Wilson on upright bass, Robare Pruyn on banjo and guitar, Noam Berg on mandolin and guitar, and Alex Bell on drums and percussion, each bringing their own special ingredient to the cocktail. They perform original songs, old time with a twist, and a special set that tells the history of Prohibition through song and story, from the Whiskey Rebellion all the way up to repeal in ’33. Pour yourself a double shot, and come see where booze, bluegrass, old time, and rock n’ roll meet on the other side!