Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes sing the music of, by, and for outcasts and outliers.

When they take the stage, their vibe is party, reunion, and catharsis in one – the energy of their tunes is hard to miss, but each song carries the weight of humanity’s dark corners. Drawing inspiration from folk and roots artists like The LimelitersThe Band, and The Byrds, and recent flag-bearers like R.E.M.The Decemberists, and Jason IsbellScott Wolfson and Other Heroes take a folk rock canvas and weave in big helpings of Broadway, Jazz, Blues, and Country, giving them a sound both familiar and unique, distinctly American and part of a broader world.

As much as fans love Scott’s songwriting for lifting up the lives of the unsung, newcomers are often surprised by the range and tight musicianship of the band. No Depression wrote, “Listen to these dudes…these people are magicians…wizards…”. The Other Heroes are not only skilled players, but musical shapeshifters. And they’re total characters to boot, with personalities born of shared histories as outliers. Listeners on the lookout for wicked humor and off-beat sensibilities will find a home here..

“We may be broken, but we are not alone.”