Todd Chappelle is a comedy songwriter who does a mix of funny original songs and parodies. His music is influenced by such artists as Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Lehrer and Stephen Lynch. Todd’s music has been heard on The Dr. Demento Show, CNN Radio, the BBC and Good Day Philadelphia, along with radio stations in 6 states. He is the winner of the 2015 Delmarva Folk Hero contest, and he appeared in the PBS programs “Dela-Where?” (2015), “Dela-Where? 2” (2015), “Dela-Where Else?” (2016) and “Counter Culture” (2019).

With a quick wit and a powerful voice, Todd is a dynamic live act who has performed at the New York Funny Songs Festival, the Philadelphia Funny Songs Festival, the Chicago Comedy Rock Festival and the Delmarva Folk Festival, along with numerous venues throughout the Northeast.

Todd currently lives in Delaware County, PA but he has previously lived in Delaware and New York.