59th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival August 13-16, 2020


PFS Presents Martin Stage Melee Round 1 – 4/22 at 8pm

The Martin Stage Melee is a contest to find YOUR favorite artist in the Philadelphia region. 32 acts will compete in 8 sets of 4 to advance to a final round where one act will receive a coveted headlining slot on the Martin Guitar stage at the 60th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival August 18-22, 2022. Attendees in person and virtually via the livestream will be able to vote for their favorite to win! Support your favorite act or take a chance on a night of incredible new-to-you artists.

Tickets are available IN PERSON at the PFS Venue or streaming Online here at folkfest.org

All persons entering the Philadelphia Folksong Society at 6156 Ridge Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19128 must provide proof of vaccination or negative PCR test within 72 hours and wear a face mask per Philadelphia mandate starting April 18th. If the person does not have an appropriate face mask, per CDC guidelines no vented masks or gaiters, PFS will provide one. Inability to adhere to these protocols will lead to a warning then a removal without refund. PFS’ COVID protocols will be reviewed at each board meeting as the pandemic continues.
About the Artists:
The Bent Benjamins is a seven-person ensemble based out of Chester County, Pennsylvania. They draw on generations of American music traditions–folk, blues, jazz, and rock–to inspire them to create emotional, passionate songs that comment on socialize inequities while celebrating the endurance of the human spirit. Powerful vocal harmonies combine with versatile, high-energy performances to make The Bent Benjamins a formidable musical force in the Americana scene.
As a toddler, Grace was pretty much a natural as soon as she walked on the stage. It was as if she was made to be a performer. She grew up watching her mom perform in concerts and instantly fell in love with being on stage. “My mom used to bring me to her concerts when I was little and she used to invite me on stage sometimes just to sing with her. There’s pictures of me singing at the Philly fall festival and there was a pretty decent crowd out there. I just remember being up on that stage and loving it,” Grace remembered.The beauty and the art of singing was what won Grace over. It became something she loved so much, words couldn’t even describe her love for it. You could just tell by the energy she gave off when she spoke about singing. “I always just loved the fact that you could tell a story, and it could sound so melodious,” expressed Grace.Grace enjoys writing her own music and gets inspired by real life occurrences. She began writing music when she was 10. So far, she’s written over 100 songs but has a few favorites. Currently, she’s working on her own album with the help of her dad.
CubiZm utilizes an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and drums/percussion to capture the hard and soft edges of acoustic rock. All original songs, written and sung by Heidi Wolfson, are literate and personal. Art Cohen makes the sound distinct with his edgy style of rock and electronic guitar. Steve Lessick brings a tasteful polish to the band, with his understated drumming and sweet harmony vocals. CubiZm songs range from a whisper to a roar, and they are always compelling.
Jack Scott and Ingrid Rosenback picked the name “Last Chance” for their musical duo to remind them it’s their last chance to play exactly the kind of music they love, namely intelligent, honest, handcrafted songs designed to capture the hearts of their audiences whether they’re playing to large crowds, small gatherings or one-on-one to patients for Musicians on Call. They’ve played the Philly Folk Festival and won a “Folk Hero” contest in Delaware. Their latest album will be celebrating its release concert at PFS on May 20th!

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