59th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival August 13-16, 2020



Raye Zaragoza

Raye Zaragoza is a galvanizing presence, a self-assured artist making music to fight for, represent, and celebrate those left too long outside the spotlight. Known for tenacious feminist anthems and […]

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Twisted Pines

Recently released in August, 2020, Right Now is a cosmic map of the new and glistening journeys of TWISTED PINE, the Boston-based spacecraft of a band that was once bluegrass […]

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Stella Ruze

Stella Ruze is an award-winning folk rock band from Philadelphia, PA. They blend four-part vocal harmonies, infectious rhythms, and tasty horn arrangements into a new, genre-bending sound. The band performed […]

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AC Sapphire

The Mojave is a desolate dreamscape, a vista of mind-bending scenery that seems to transform with every sand-swept step. There’s something exquisitely wild about it, tinged with a hint of […]

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Driftwood Soldier

Driftwood Soldier plays gutter-folk music, a proprietary blend of bittersweet ballads, crooked stories, and thumping blue rants on mandolin, bass guitar, and assorted junk foot-percussion described by Bruce Warren of […]

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Rachel Andie & the Fifth Element

Rachel Andie is a Japanese American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. In January of 2018, she formed an ambient folk rock group now called Rachel Andie & The Fifth […]

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Valentina Sounds

Valentina Sounds (Valentina Raffaelli) is an Italian born/Philadelphia based singer-songwriter, voice coach, music director. Valentina’s music is a fusion of catchy melodies and pop tunes perfectly blended with a background in […]

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