Lafayette Hill, PA

CubiZm is Heidi Wolfson, Art Cohen, Steve Lessick and Neal Phillips. CubiZm’s original folk/rock music spans a wide range from shimmering atmospheres to driving grooves to melodic harmonies to abstract spoken word pieces. Acoustic and electric guitars, drums and vocal harmonies blend together to showcase the freshness and originality of the writing. Heidi Wolfson’s original songs are thought-provoking and literate, in settings ranging from shimmery soft sounds and harmonies to energetic rockers, and delivered them with a singular intensity. Guitarist Art Cohen, better known in international space-music circles, adds texture, edge and hang-on-to-your-seat leads. Steve Lessick’s tasteful drumming and beautiful vocal harmonies smooth out the sound with polish. Neal Phillips adds extraordinary acoustic guitar work and driving bass. From a whisper to a roar, the music of CubiZm is always compelling.

CubiZm recently released their fourth CD, Different Kind of Folk.

Photo by Cindy Lessick