Explore Louisiana Music

What Does Your Louisiana Sound Like? 

A trip to Louisiana is different for everyone. No two trips are the same, because no two people are the same. But no matter what feeds your soul, you’re sure to find one thing in Louisiana in abundance – music. Find your Louisiana Sound!

Louisiana is the birthplace of jazz, and it is still the soundtrack of New Orleans. The sound of trumpets drifts into the air from music clubs all over the city. You can find your perfect spot, grab a Sazerac – Louisiana’s signature cocktail – and listen as local musicians add their unique twist to music that can’t be heard anywhere but in Louisiana. 

But that’s not the only genre born in Louisiana. In Cajun country, it’s a two-step played on a fiddle that gets everyone up off their seats and onto the dance floor. Or zydeco, where the accordion and the washboard work together in harmony to create a sound unique to the Creole culture. In Louisiana, roots run deep and generations of musicians have been contributing to the evolution of Cajun and zydeco. It’s not music you listen to, but music you experience. So when you find yourself in a dance hall, don’t be a wallflower – grab a partner and get stepping. 

If it’s the blues or rock and roll that gets you moving, you’ll find that too. There’s something about Louisiana that just makes people want to sing. So they do. At blues halls, open mics, restaurants and festivals all over the state. 

In Louisiana, nothing is too trivial to celebrate at one of the 400-plus festivals held each year all over the state. So whether it’s the iconic Jazz and Heritage Festival or a festival celebrating one of our many local crops like rice or sugar – you’ll find a stage to cheer for.

It’s no small wonder that Louisiana is famous for its music. But there’s still so much more to explore. A blend of cultures and landscapes means you’ll find something new to experience around every curve in the road. 

When you visit Louisiana, your trip could be an urban adventure in New Orleans through museums showcasing history, culture and art. Or it could be an exploration of the swamps and bayous, kayaking through moss-draped cypress trees. Maybe it’s a foodie wonderland where you’ll sample fresh seafood and traditional dishes like jambalaya or étouffée. Perhaps it’s a wandering road trip through the scenic byways and backroads where you learn from the locals all about what Louisiana truly is. 

No matter where you find your Louisiana, you can bet it will have an epic soundtrack. What does yours sound like? Find out at FindYourLouisianaSound.com.