Geneviève Racette

Geneviève Racette – photo Catherine Deslauriers

Geneviève Racette

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Geneviève Racette is a Montreal-based, folk-pop-americana singer-songwriter who performs as an all female band with singers Judith Little Daudelin on percussion and Eleonore Pitre on electric guitar. Captivating listeners with musical stories about self-love, friendship, sobriety, healing and resilience, her gentle interpretations are carried by Geneviève’s renowned lush voice and soft ethereal instrumentation.

A Canadian Folk Music Awards recipient, Geneviève Racette is renowned on the international folk scene, she collaborated with City and Colour, received praise from Grammy Lifetime Achievement recipient Tom Paxton and has accumulated over 4 million streams with numerous media appearances on Rolling Stone, CBC, Entertainment Tonight among others. Over the past two years, Geneviève has headlined over a hundred venues across Canada and the USA. 

Partly written in Nashville, her new album Golden transcends the artist’s personal trials, offering a path to healing through music. In the midst of a period of turmoil, this album becomes her refuge, where she transforms her grief into something deeply comforting. Universal themes such as friendship, resilience, healing, sobriety and personal transformation are explored.