Jess Klein

Jess Klein – photo Clark Paddock

Jess Klein

Hillsborough, NC

Based in Hillsborough, NC, Jess Klein is a captivating storyteller whose emotive vocals and raw lyricism infuse her Americana-folk music with a poignant authenticity that resonates deeply with listeners.

Audiences can expect to be enveloped in a rich tapestry of Americana-folk, as Jess’s haunting vocals and poignant storytelling transport them through a landscape of raw emotion and intimate reflection.  Whether performing solo with just her guitar or backed by a band, Klein’s stage presence is both commanding and vulnerable, inviting the audience to join her on a journey through themes of love, loss, and resilience.

The New York Times calls Jess Klein “a songwriter with a voice of unblinking tenacity.”  Over multiple decades and 11 albums, Klein has pursued a creative evolution that has seen her delve into her own empowerment for emotional insights, while continuing to refine her eloquently melodic, effortlessly accessible song-craft. Jess has toured the US, Europe and Japan on her own and with such artists as Arlo Guthrie, Josh Ritter, John Fullbright and Jonathan Byrd. She has appeared on Good Morning America and NPR’s All Things Considered and performed at the Newport, Winnipeg, and Fuji Rock Festivals. The Bluegrass Situation hails Jess’s work as “one part grassroots social activism, two parts alt-country guitar rock — a combo we can certainly get behind.” Her newest album, When We Rise, harnesses this potent combination with themes of empowerment and the joy of overcoming.