Frequently Asked Questions?

**Camping at the Philadelphia Folk Festival – FAQ Sheet**

  • Q: What are the camping options available?
    A: The Philadelphia Folk Festival offers both tent camping and RV/Camper camping options.

2. **When can campers arrive and depart?**

– Campers can arrive starting at 10am on the Thursday before the festival begins. All campers must depart by 11am on the Monday following the festival.

3. **What amenities are available at the campsite?**

– Campsites include access to portable toilets, water stations, and trash disposal facilities. Access to food vendors and Campsite General Store for simple needs. Ice, Showers, Instrument/Valuable Storage available for purchase.

4. **Are campfires allowed?**

-NO ground fires. Campfires are only permitted in above ground appropriate fire pits. Campfires must be located on the campground roads, NO campfires in between campsites. The Fire Marshall or Festival Management may restrict fires at any time for any reason.

5. **With my ‘All Camping Ticket’, can I leave the site and come back?**

– Yes, you will receive a wristband upon arrival that will grant you access to leave and return at any point.

6. **Are pets allowed at the campgrounds?**

– No, pets are not permitted at the festival campgrounds, with the exception of service animals.

7. **Can I move my RV/Camper once it is placed inside the campground?** – Your RV/Camper Must remain parked with the engine off, and wheels chocked to prevent movement for the entirety of your stay. If your RV/Camper is removed, Re-entry to the Campground will be restricted. Tow vehicles must be parked in the Reserved Parking Lot, or available Free Parking Lot.

8. **Can I park my car next to my tent?**

– NO, vehicles are not permitted to stay in the Light Tent Camping areas. All vehicles must be parked in the Reserved Parking Lot or designated Free Parking Lot.

9. **Can I put a ground tent next to my RV/Camper?**

-NO, ground tents are not permitted in designated Heavy Camping areas.

10. **Are there designated quiet camping areas or noise regulations?**

– Yes, there are designated quiet camping areas for those who prefer a more tranquil environment. Located in Light Tent Camping. NO amplified sound systems and or large speaker

systems are permitted ANYWHERE in the camping area. Portable USB powered speakers are allowed.

11. **Is there security provided at the campgrounds?**

– Yes, security personnel are present throughout the festival grounds, including the campgrounds, to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees.

12. **Are there electrical, water, or sewer hookups for RV/Campers?**

-There are NO available hookups for RV/Campers. Generators are allowed in RV/Camper designated areas, and must follow festival guidelines. Generators are NOT permitted in Light Tent Camping areas. The festival reserves the right to shut down any generator for ANY REASON for the health, safety, and welfare of everyone at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Water stations are available throughout the campground to fill portable water containers.

13. **Are there any restrictions on tent size?**

– There are no specific restrictions on tent size, but please be considerate of your neighbors and use only the space necessary for your camping needs.

14. **What should I do with my trash?**

– Please dispose of all trash in the designated receptacles provided throughout the campgrounds to help keep the area clean. NO glass containers are allowed.

15. **Can I bring my motorized bicycle?**

-NO motorized conveyances except for folks with mobility, circulatory, respiratory, or neurological disabilities. One-wheels, skateboards, hoverboards, bicycles, Segway’s, and other non—traditional mobility devices cannot be accommodated due to safety issues.

15. **Is there access to nearby amenities such as grocery stores?**

– Yes, there are grocery stores and other amenities located within a short driving distance from the festival grounds.

16. **Are there accommodations for individuals with disabilities?**

– Yes, the festival strives to be accessible to all attendees. Be aware that the festival is held on a working hay farm, which offers several challenges. Please contact the festival organizers in advance to arrange any necessary accommodations.

17. **Can I reserve a specific campsite in advance?**

– Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved in advance. Arrive early to secure your preferred spot.

18. Who can I contact with questions?

For any inquiries or questions, please contact the festival directors, who are responsible for all festival decisions. Please note that camp rules are subject to change, as the Philadelphia Folk Festival is an all-season event, operating rain or shine. Festival directors reserve the right to modify any of the rules listed above for any reason.