Persistent Resistors

photo by Russell Eisenlohr

Persistent Resistors

Melrose Park, PA (Philadelphia)

The Persistent Resistors are a folk singer/songwriter sibling duo whose signature harmonies and socially conscious lyrics resonate with people of all ages.

Audiences will hear all original songs with soaring vocals and catchy melodies, paired with a variety of acoustic instruments. The Persistent Resistors’ songs often address issues of love and justice while providing hope for a better world as well as empowerment for interpersonal change.

The Persistent Resistors are sisters who grew up within the Philadelphia folk community, hearing and participating in folk music for their whole lives. They have been writing songs and singing together since they were children, and many community members can speak to a decades-long variety of performances by Brigid and Rhys. Life-long Fest babies, they are ecstatic to be completing a life goal by performing at PFF!