The Hoppin Boxcars

Schwenksville, PA

The Hoppin Boxcars are a multi-genre, bluegrass-biased band of bearded HoBoes who got on track in early 2016, like a freight train chugging on down the line. Narrated by their singer, Grizz, who writes the songs, the boys share their story in songs made to make you smile and sing along. Hoppin Boxcars have been playing their original “Click It Tee Clack” music since they formed and have been enjoying making people smile, sing along, and dance with them ever since. 

Early appearances were at Ardmore Music Hall, Sellersville Theater, and the Martin Main Stage of the 55th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival and headlined the Muddy River Festival in early 2017. In 2022, Philadelphia City Council awarded the band the PHL Live Center Stage in the Bluegrass/Folk/Country Bands of the Year category. 

Their songs are nostalgic, flavorful, railroad riding, foot stompin’, original sing-along songs that will swell your heart, and get your feet movin’. Their stories about the adventures of four HoBoes, their musical friends, family, and imaginary dog, Mojo—that only Ziggy and his brother Juggy, can hear—their music was meant to make you feel really good.