59th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival August 13-16, 2020



60th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival FAQ

So when is it?

Dates: Thursday, August 18th at 10am through Monday, August 22nd at 10am

Where will it be held?

In Person: Old Pool Farm in Upper Salford Township

Digital: On your computer, phone, Smart TV, projector, or wherever you safely watch!

How do I get there?

We recommend putting this address into your GPS of choice:
1323 Salford Station Rd. Harleysville, PA 19438

I’m a PFS Member! Don’t I get a discount?

You do! Members can use their discount code MEMBER10 to get their member discount until August 17, 2022! ONLY Members can use the code as it is connected to the email address a member used when signing up for their membership. MAKE SURE TO USE THE SAME EMAIL WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR AN UPPED EVENTS ACCOUNT TO BUY TICKETS!

I bought a ticket for 2020 – is it good for this year?

It’s GREAT for this year! All tickets for 2020 will be honored at the 2022 festival and we cannot thank you enough for your patience. Your support means the world to us. Upped events will be sending you your NEW TICKETS before the event to the email you registered with in 2019/2020.

I’m going to be REALLY MAD if you make me/don’t make me _____! So what are your COVID-19 protocols?

Since March 2020, the Philadelphia Folksong Society has been in touch with local, national, and international infectious disease experts as well as the Board of Health for Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. PFS has always and will continue to follow the science to fulfill our mission to “secure the future of folk” and keep our community happy and healthy. The Festival turned in one of the most comprehensive COVID plans the county has ever seen (their words), but THANKFULLY, as of now… we don’t have to use most of it. The 60th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival will take place this year even if there is a zeta variant. The Festival will be following whatever county, state, and federal guidelines exist AT THE TIME OF THE EVENT to ensure your safety. Vaccinations and masks will be encouraged but will not be required. Please stay tuned as the event nears for updates.

General Camping Information

Over 6,500 people camp for the weekend at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Camping is by weekend pass only and you must have a camping ticket/wristlet to enter the campgrounds. The campground has designated areas for both light camping (tents) and heavy camping (recreational vehicles), which are in two separate areas of the campground.

The Campgrounds open at 10am on the Thursday of Festival for All Festival with Camping ticketholders and closes at 10am on Monday Post-Fest. There are “early entry” ticket options available. See the ticketing page for more information. Entry to the campground is by wristlet and everyone, even children, must have a wristlet. Wristlets may be obtained upon arrival with presentation of your mobile receipt for your All-Festival with Camping ticket. The Camping Committee runs an equipment-only Gear Shuttle during normal Ticket office/Mobile ticketing hours. The trucks will operate around a prescribed route on from the parking lots to the campground during the timeframe the ticket booth is open. This is a service to campers; the festival is not responsible for loss or damage to equipment. On Sunday, the Gear Shuttle will be available in the campground 10-6pm to assist campers to get their gear out of the campground. The Monday morning following the festival, campers may be allowed to bring their vehicle into the campground to pack up their gear. This is dependent on the Ground Conditions. For questions about Camping please email PFFCAMPING@COMCAST.NET

Disabled Access: The Festival tries to accommodate all patrons. It should be noted, however, that we are a temporary site, created just for the weekend. The ground is rough – it is a working farm the rest of the year, and our space is limited.

General Campground Rules

NO pets of any kind (except service animals with current rabies vaccination)

NO firearms, dangerous weapons, or fireworks are permitted as specified by local authorities. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the campground without refund and possible prosecution may ensue.

NO illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia.

NO glass containers.

NO motorized conveyances except for campers with mobility, circulatory, respiratory, or neurological disabilities. One-wheels, skateboards, hoverboards, bicycles, Segway’s, and other non—traditional mobility devices cannot be accommodated due to safety issues.

NO amplified sound systems/large speaker systems or excessive noise. USB powered personal portable speakers allowed. Festival Management reserves the right to remove sound systems/ instruments that do not follow these guidelines.

NO laser pointers, drones, Chinese Lanterns, remote-operated, and/or autonomous vehicles of any kind

NO ground fires. Campfires only permitted in above ground appropriate fire pits.

— The Fire Marshall or Festival Management or may restrict fires at any time for any reason.

NO unauthorized vending of any kind.

NO vehicles are permitted in the tent camping area.

NO camping in FIRE LANES ADA parking is available inside Camping Gate. Please contact PFFCAMPING@COMCAST.NET for more information.

Parking for motorcycles (and bicycles) is located inside the Camping Gate. You may be required to have a paid parking pass

RV- Vehicular Camping-Heavy Camping

Generators of all Types:

The festival reserves the right to shut down any generator for ANY REASON for the health, safety, and welfare of everyone at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

Exhaust must be expelled in a safe manner and must not pose a health issue.

Generators may only be operated from 9AM to 9PM.

Generators are permitted in Vehicular Camping only. No generators permitted in Tent Camping.

Please bring the smallest and quietest generator possible that will meet your actual needs.

Generators must not be left unattended while running.

Fuel MUST be stored away from any potential source of combustion (heat sources, vehicles or generators in service or fires or grills of any sort)

Please adhere to all manufacturer guidelines to ensure proper usage and safety.

Please be aware that carbon monoxide is dangerous and can be harmful and potentially fatal to you and other campers. Vehicle and generator exhaust MUST be expelled safely, and not into adjacent campsites or other campers in order to lessen the dangers of carbon monoxide. In addition to the health concerns, we want to be sure that you and your Vehicular Camping neighbors can enjoy the festival and your time in the campground and not be concerned with exhaust odors.

General Vehicular Camping Rules:

RV/Camping sticker must be affixed to vehicle at all times.

RV Must remain in Campground. If RV removed, Re-entry to Campground restricted.

Philadelphia Folk Festival provides camping area only. There are no water or electric hook-ups or dump stations. Wastewater removal may be available for an additional fee.

All camping vehicles must be leveled and have their wheels chocked to prevent movement.

Tents are not permitted on the ground in the RV or Vehicular Camping area.

Tow vehicles are not permitted to remain in the camping area and must be moved to a parking lot.

CO or Carbon Monoxide/Propane Detectors and Fire Extinguishers are required for your safety.

NO campfires near or between RVs or Camping Vehicles. Campfires must be at the end of the row and have appropriate space clearances and be always attended. The Festival Management or the Fire Marshall may restrict fires at any time for any reason.

Digital 60th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival FAQ

This is NOT on Facebook like our Digital Concert Venue, but a BRAND NEW website accessible from any smartphone, iPad, or Computer. Don’t have great internet? Don’t worry! The Festival will be available to watch on-demand for a limited time, so you won’t miss a thing. We will have EASY TO USE instructional videos to help! What are the differences between the price points for the Virtual Festival? Nothing! This is a Pay-What-You-Can event, and we want to ensure that it is accessible to EVERYONE! Starting at $25 a day and going up to $500 a day, we hope that you’ll pay what you are able to and what you think Fest is worth to you. Not in a position to pay? PLEASE email digitalfolk@pfs.org to receive a scholarship form.

It depends. It comes automatically with the Ticketbuyer level and above but is only $8 as an add-on for anyone else! If you order by July 31st, it will be delivered by the festival, but if you order after that, please be advised it may arrive later.

An infinite number! While we hope that each individual attendee would register and pay for the event to support the event and the artists, we recognize that social distancing may be more relaxed by August. Take your best guess and PLEASE be honest because we need these numbers for grantors and sponsors!

One device per registration/ticket! Only one device can be signed into your account at any time! If your account is accessed by a second device, it will automatically log you out of both devices. If you suddenly find yourself logged out, this is most likely the reason. Please try signing in again at least two times before contacting technical support.

A private Zoom Campsite means that ONLY the people you give the password will be able to enter. A public Zoom Campsite will be accessible to anyone with the password listed below the campsite – similar to how people wander in and out of your site at Fest… only difference is as an admin you can kick anyone out that you don’t want there! And yes, you can change your selection later!

There are many ways you can access the live stream! We’ll go through based off what tech you have and fill you in on what else you may need to buy. First, let’s get you hooked up to video, so you can see the display.

Good news! This is the easiest way to watch! Just go to folkfest.org on the device that you want to watch it on, and you’re good to go.

For all of the other ways we’re going to cover how to stream Fest (there are plenty more, this article isn’t exhaustive), you’re going to need an HDMI port on the TV, monitor, or AV system you want to display it on (if you have a separate system that you plug in the rest of your speakers and players on, check that to see if it has an HDMI port on the back). If you don’t have one, scroll down to “I don’t have an HDMI Port on my TV!” and come back here.

To do this, you’ll want a cable that can connect your laptop to the HDMI port (either on your TV, AV system, or the adapter you just got). Use the flowchart below to figure out what you want to use to connect your laptop. 

If you can’t find a cable that works for you and still want to use your computer, scroll down to “I want to use a Chromecast!”.

You’ll likely have an HDMI cable lying around somewhere, but if not, you can pick up one here to connect your laptop to an HDMI port, either on your TV, AV system, or the adapter you just got.

You should use one of these Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables to connect your laptop to an HDMI port, either on your TV, AV system, or the adapter you just got.

You should use one of these Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables to connect your laptop to an HDMI port, either on your TV, AV system, or the adapter you just got.


(Review this Video!)


If you don’t have an HDMI port on the back of your TV to connect your laptop or a Chromecast, there’s a good chance you will have something that looks like this on the TV (if you don’t, send us an email and we‘ll try and help you out). What you’ll want is an HDMI -> RCA Adapter. This adapter will let you connect an HDMI device (such as your laptop or a Chromecast) to your television.

The diagram below shows how you’ll hook it up. The “Fire stick” can be any device that outputs to HDMI, like a laptop, a Chromecast, or yes, an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

So this is our first piece of bad news. Since neither Roku nor AppleTV have a legal web browser available, we cannot advise you on a way to watch Fest on either the Roku’s Firefox browser 😉 or Apple’s Air Play 😉 We wish we could be more helpful.

(Video guide)


First, you’re going to need some form of Android or iPhone to connect to your Chromecast. While you can stream the Fest from an Android or an iPhone, you only need one of the two to set it up. Afterwards, you can stream from a laptop, if you’d like. 

You’ll want to download the Google Home app from here if you’re using Android, and from here if you’re using an iPhone. Next, you’ll want to plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port (either in your TV, AV system or an adapter), and plug it into power as well. If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, scroll up to “I don’t have an HDMI port on my TV!”.

After you plug your Chromecast in and switch the TV source to your Chromecast, you’ll want to finish the instructions from the TV to connect your Chromecast to Wi-fi.

Next, you’ll want to decide how you want to cast to the Chromecast. How do you want to cast?

(Video guide: Chromebook / Windows)

Note: If you are trying to Chromecast from a MacBook, try following this article, casting from your iPhone/iPad/Android, or reaching out to us – MacBooks can’t cast audio through Chrome by default, so you’ll need some more programs to get it set up. 

First, you’ll need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer. If you don’t have it already, you can get it here

Then, you’ll want to click the menu button with the three dots to the top right of Chrome  and hit “Cast…” and select “Sources…”, then click “Cast desktop”. Make sure “Share Audio” is checked, then select the screen you want to cast (most likely, there is only one) and then hit “Share”.

(Video Guide)

First, you’ll want to install the Replica app here. Then, be sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your Chromecast is connected to. Then, open up the Replica app, then select your Chromecast, then hit “Start” and “Start Broadcast”. Finally, use your device to navigate to folkfest.org, and you’re ready to go.

(Video Guide)

Now, if you don’t already have Google Home installed on your phone, get it from here. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast, then open the Google Home app. Next, click the menu icon in the top left corner, hit “Cast Screen / Audio”, and , click your Chromecast. Finally, use your device to navigate to folkfest.org, and you’re ready to go.

(Warning: If you’re using a Chromebook, you won’t be able to use a Fire TV stick. Try casting from an Android or an iPhone first, or try connecting your Chromebook directly to your TV).


(Video guide to set up Fire TV Stick)  


First, you’ll want to connect your Fire TV stick to your RV and the power outlet, following the diagram below:

Remember that if you got an HDMI adapter earlier, you can plug it right in there. Use your TV to switch the source to your Fire TV stick and use the remote to follow the on-screen guide through the setup process.

Once setup is done, you have two choices: use the Amazon Silk Browser or get right to mirroring!


Search for the SILK BROWSER in Apps and download it to your Fire Stick. When you launch the Silk Browser, enter folkfest.org into the navigation bar. When the site loads, use your Fire Stick remote to point to the orange LOGIN in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Enter in your username and password to log in to the Festival. Use your remote to choose the stage or archives of your choice and enjoy!


First, make sure that the device you want to cast to your Fire TV stick is connected to the same WiFi network.

Next, the directions will differ depending on what device you want to use to mirror:


Android Phone

(Video Guide)

Then, hold the HOME button on your Fire TV Stick, wait for a menu to pop up, and select “Mirroring”. Once that screen shows on your TV, the next step depends on what you want to cast to.

First, make sure the audio on your Android phone is turned up. Then, go to your phone settings, then select a settings menu that looks similar to “Bluetooth and Wireless Connections”, then hit Cast, and select your Chromecast. Finally, use your device to navigate to folkfest.org, and you’re ready to go.

Not all Android phones are the same with casting ability, so if you end up having difficulties finding the right settings, try casting from a laptop first.



(Video Guide)

To start you’ll want to search for (and install) the Airscreen app using your Fire TV Stick. Then, open the application up, then go to Settings, and make sure “AirPlay” is checked. Then, go back to the Airscreen home menu, and hit “Start”.

Then, if you’re on an iPhone or a iPad, go to your Settings, and in the search bar on the top, type in Screen Mirroring, and turn it on (you can also drag down from the top right corner, and hit “Screen Mirroring”). Finally, select your Fire TV stick, and you’re ready to go.

If you’re on a MacBook (Video Guide), select the AirPlay logo in your menu bar (which looks like this: ,) and select your Fire TV Stick.

Finally, use your device to navigate to folkfest.org, and you’re ready to go.



(Video Guide)

Then, hold the HOME button on your Fire TV Stick, wait for a menu to pop up, and select “Mirroring”. Once that screen shows on your TV, the next step depends on what you want to cast to.

On the bottom right corner, you should see a icon that looks like a text bubble. Click that, and in the pop-up panel that appears to the right, click “Expand” towards the bottom. Then, click on “Project”, and in the menu that pops up, click “Duplicate”. Finally, use your device to navigate to folkfest.org, and you’re ready to go.

OK, now that your audio and video are going to your TV, the last thing you’ll want to do is play the audio through the speakers of your choice. If you are hearing your audio through the speakers you want (try using your device to play this video from YouTube), congrats! You’re ready to stream the 59th Philadelphia Folk Festival to your TV.

This should be self-explanatory, but this will depend on whether you use an Audio/Video system to connect to your TV. 

If you do, and you’ve previously tried connecting your device to your TV directly, try connecting your device to the HDMI port of the AV unit instead. (If it doesn’t, try to follow the same instructions for “I don’t have an HDMI port on my TV!” above, but for your AV system.

If your speakers are already connected to your TV, try first to fiddle with (get it!?) your TV settings to make sure that your TV is outputting audio to your speakers. If not, try and follow this general guide to make sure all of your audio systems are properly connected. If you’re having trouble with cables, try to use this general video guide to help clear anything up.

If you try the above and would still like some help setting everything up, please feel free to contact us!

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